Concrete Design

Innova provides structural engineering services for the design of the various components for above grade and subterranean concrete structures including the following:

  • Slabs – A structure may utilize either Post-tensioned or conventional rebar slabs. We have extensive experience in both slab designs and are familiar with the design of parking slabs as well as podium slabs designed using either method. We also have experience in designing long-span parking garage slabs for above grade multi-story parking structures.
  • Walls – In the case where seismic design is required in the design o f an above grade concrete structure shearwalls are required. We utilize block walls, shell block walls, concrete walls, and shotcrete walls as and when required based on the building design. Our differentiating approach is to minimize the use of walls where possible.
  • Foundations – A critical part of any building in which the type is determined by soil condition of the site and the desired type of building. We have experience in conventional spread footings, Mat foundations, Pile foundations, and Anchored foundations.

Our approach to concrete design results in utilizing concrete, rebar, and formwork in the most efficient and cost effective fashion. This is accomplished by our attention to details around the ease and efficient constructability of the structure while minimizing the waste of material in the process. An example of one of the differentiating factors in our approach to concrete design is our attention to the areas such as slab forming and uniformity of design to increase ease of construction which results in reducing construction costs and time. Ultimately this results in a more efficient, less costly, and greener solution.

It has been stated by many of our clients that we provide the most efficient concrete design they have ever seen.

Wood Design

Innova provides structural engineering design services for the design of various type of residential wood structures. We have significant knowledge, experience, and expertise in the design of Type III and Type V structures and their respective nuances.

The Innova team is quite knowledgeable and have significant experience in utilizing various components in the design of wood structures including: nominal lumber, manufactured lumber (PSL, LSL, TJIs), trusses, & seismic rod based holdown systems.

Innova is known to provide a very economical and efficient wood structure resulting in less time to build and more efficient use of material which ultimately results in a less costly and greener solution.

Steel Design

Innova provides structural engineering design services for the design of various type of steel structures including commercial, residential, and mixed use projects. Our experience includes the use of cold formed steel and steel frames in mid-rise commercial and residential structures as well as utilizing steel frames in podium type structures as the design requires.

Shoring Design

Innova provides shoring design services for the projects that we structures that we design if required. We have experience in all types of shoring methods including: cantilevered, tieback, double tie-back shoring, braced (rakers), and double braced (rakers) shoring.

Innova offers this service to provide a complete package for the design of the building. This results in a more efficient design saving time and material as the shoring and the building are designed together while giving the Owner and Contractor a one stop for all structural building and shoring design and coordination.

Design Build Services

Innova offers design build services for the structural design of concrete structures including parking structures and subterranean parking structures.  Design build projects tend to offer the owner/developer a more timely, efficient, and lower cost solution as they involve the general contractor and/or concrete contractor during the design development and construction documentation stage.

This allows the construction preferences of the contractor and the design requirements of the architect and engineer to be collaborated to achieve a favorable solution for all upfront during the design stage which ultimately may result in reduced construction costs, time, and construction related questions and time loss.  A side benefit of this approach is that the team building between the design team and the construction team occurs at the beginning of the design project which usually results in a better project team.

Structural Observations

Innova provides structural observation services during the construction of the project as required by building code, however, our methodology provides us to do a more thorough observation than traditional industry practices. Our approach serves to help to minimize construction errors or oversights as well as address many field issues in the field. This results in protecting the Owner, Contractor, Design team, and ultimately the inhabitants of the project.

Our methodology requires all people that do design in our office to perform site observations as well.  Innova does not employ a separate observation team. This allows our design team to complete the circle of design as it gives them a real world experience what and how the building design and the associated details are built and the associated challenges. This has been our principal’s philosophy for the last forty years which has enabled us to design our plans and details which assist in our ability to provide a contractor friendly design.

Our methodology and approach for our on-site structural observations during all stages of construction from foundation to framing provides an invaluable practical understanding of current trends and methods with construction materials.